The 5 minute naseehat is conducted at Madressah Ta'leemudeen every Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings

after Fajr salaat. 

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Sharpening the blade

 20.04.2015 The correct mind set Download    
 25.04.2015 Noble of the Ummah Download    
 02.05.2015 Effects of good and evil Download    
 03.05.2015 Achieving purity Download    
 04.05.2015 Deprivation of the Sunnah Download    
 10.05.2015 Roohaniyat Download    
 11.05.2015 Trap of despondency Download    
 17.05.2015 Overcoming Laziness Download    
 24.05.2015 A true Aalim Download    
 25.05.2015 Thinking Sunnah Download    
 30.05.2015 Preparataion for Layltul Bara'at Download    
 06.06.2015 Avoiding the hook behind the bait Download    
 01.08.2015 Acquiring Ma'rifat Download    
 03.08.2015 Acknowledging mistakes Download    
 08.08.2015 Reality Check Download    
 09.08.2015 Maintaining the identity Download    
 10.08.2015 Unity Download    
 15.08.2015 Benefits of Zikr Download    
 16.08.2015 Traps of Shaitaan Download    
 17.08.2015 Barriers of sin Download    
 22.08.2015 Inconveniencing others Download    
 23.08.2015 Acknowledging mistakes Download    
 24.08.2015 Start and end of tassawuf Download    
 29.08.2015 Soccer fanatics (part 2) Download    
 30.08.2015 Greatest Wealth Download    
 31.08.2015 Futility Download    
 05.09.2015 Remedies for Riya Download    
 06.09.2015 Acquiring humility Download    
 07.09.2015 Thinking big Download    
 12.09.2015 People with hearts Download    
 13.09.2015 Submitting in the face of challenges Download    
 14.09.2015 Pondering about Allaah Ta'alah Download    
 28.09.2015 Fueling desires Download    
 03.10.2015 Breaking the barrier Download    
 05.10.2015 Adab is in the heart Download    
 10.10.2015 Preserving good deeds Download    
 11.10.2015 Closing the windows Download    
 12.10.2015 The greatness of Ilm Download    
 17.10.2015 The test of claims Download    
 19.10.2015 Adab & Talab Download    
 24.10.2015 Opposing the west-the real boycott Download    
 25.10.2015 The inner sunnats Download    
 26.10.2015 Combating arguments Download    
 01.11.2015 Lessons from Hazrath Sheikh (RA) Download    
 07.11.2015 Positive thinking Download    
 02.11.2015 Steadfastness Download    
 31.10.2015 When oppurtunities knock Download    
 03.11.2015 Fragrance of Durood Shareef Download    
 14.11.2015 Returning evil with good Download    
 15.11.2015 Golden Values Download    
 16.11.2015 Claims of divinity & prophethood Download    
 21.11.2015 Extinguishing the fire of lust Download    
 23.11.2015 Behind the scenes Download    
 29.11.2015 Doubting, judging & suspicions Download    
 30.11.2015 Internal Diagnosis Download    
 5.12.2015 Barkat & Appreciation Download    
 6.12.2015 Moulding the heart Download    
 12.12.2015 Quality of the pious Download    
 13.12.2015 Moving the mind Download    
 14.12.2015 Accepting advice Download    
 19.12.2015 Breaking habits Download    
 20.12.2015 Be happy Download    
 21.12.2015 Developing a positive mind Download    
 26.12.2015 Developing habits Download    
 27.12.2015 Evil thoughts Download    
 28.12.2015 Overcoming abuse Download    
 03.01.2016 Remedies for suspicion Download    
 09.01.2016 Solution for sinless holidays Download    
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