The 5 minute naseehat is conducted at Madressah Ta'leemudeen every Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings

after Fajr salaat. 

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After the holidays

 23.01.2016 Depth of duas Download    
 24.01.2016 Focusing on control Download    
 25.01.2016 Determining the future Download    
 30.01.2016 The right connection Download    
 13.02.2016 When sins resurface Download    
Feb 2016 Shunning futility Download    
Feb 2016 Giving strength Download    
 Feb 2016 Developing ikhlaas Download    
 Feb 2016 Greed for fame and fortune Download    
 Feb 2016 Improving quality Download    
 Feb 2016 Poisoning the soul Download    
 March 2016 Sacrifice for knowledge Download    
March 2016 Making ilm ones condition Download
March 2016 Gratitude Download    
March 2016 Wholesome intentions Download    
March 2016 Behind the scenes Download    
March 2016 Greatness of the Sunnah Download    
March 2016 Point blank Mujaahadah Download    
March 2016 Advices after a calamity Download    
April 2016 Ilm & Amal Download    
April 2016 Environment Download    
April 2016 Reality of Zikr Download    
April 2016 Importance of istighfaar Download    
April 2016 What you give is what you get Download    
April 2016 Branches of humility Download    
April 2016 Prescription of Hz Ml. Abrarul Haqq (RA) Download    
April 2016 Waging war Download    
April 2016 Lifeless life Download    
May 2016 Prescription for hapiness Download    
May 2016 Burning desires Download    
May 2016 Fikr for success Download    
May 2016 Dua an expression of fikr Download    
May 2016 Preparation for Bara'at Download    
May 2016 Remaining steadfast Download    
May 2016 Praiseworthy souls Download    
July 2016 Appreciating zikr Download    
July 2016 Adab Download    
July 2016 Fulfilling agreements Download    
July 2016 Seeking the pleasure of people Download    
July 2016 Stain remover Download    
July 2016 Avoiding Involuntary Feelings Download    
July 2016 Attracting Attention Download    
August 2016 Displaying Pictures In The Heart
August 2016 In Search Of Human Beings
August 2016 Outcome of Positive Intentions
August 2016 Inspirational Consilation
August 2016 Effective Pondering
August 2016 Test Of Tolerance
August 2016 Fined Tuned Thinking
August 2016 Allaah Consciousness
August 2016 Sacrificing Emotions
August 2016 The Time Is Now
September 2016 Special Offer Of Zul Hijjah
September 2016 Evil Efffects Of Pride
September 2016 Humility
September 2016 Concern For Cure
September 2016 Great Bounties Health And Time
October 2016 Accepting faults Download    
October 2016 Ann-I-alation Download    
October 2016 Back & forth Download    
October 2016 Encompassing dua Download    
October 2016 Progress through respect Download    
October 2016 Appreciation for bounties Download    
October 2016 Guarding the heart Download    
October 2016 Thread of hope Download    
October 2016 Purposing of seeking Deeni knowledge Download    
October 2016 Niyyat & Mujaahadah Download    
October 2016 Spiritual Nourishment Download    
October 2016 Internal light Download    
November 2016 The guise of guidance Download    
November 2016 Imitating the pious Download    
November 2016 Avoiding ill thoughts Download    
November 2016 The sun of Ma'rifat Download    
November 2016 Steps to Wilaayat Download    
November 2016 Rememberance of death Download    
November 2016 Building yaqeen Download    
November 2016 Justifying the wrong Download    
December 2016 People of difficulty Download    
December 2016 Following in the footsteps Download    
December 2016 The promise of Allaah Download    
December 2016 Positively engaged Download    
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