The 5 minute naseehat is conducted at Madressah Ta'leemudeen every Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings

after Fajr salaat. 

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February Developing Yaqeen Download    
February Illicit love - part 1 Download    
February Illicit love - part 2 Download    
February Illicit love - part 3 Download    
February Impressive impression Download    
February Real Value Download    
February Sewing the seed of sincerity Download    
February Oppurtunity of acceptance Download    
February Keeping focused Download    
February Shukr for Ilm Download    
March Daily lessons from the Quraan Download    
March Secret connection Download    
March Reigning in the toungue Download    
March Benefits of Zikr Download    
March Ranking prioirties Download    
March Accepting Wholeheartedly Download    
April Acquiring Ma'rifat Download    
April The fruits of Ma'rifat Download    
April The Ilaj of Ma'rifat Download    
April Cleaning the records Download    
April An ocean of goodness Download    
April Special Advice of Hazrath Sheikh (RA) Download    
April Death on imaan Download    
April Avoiding debates Download    
April Dealing with debates Download    
April Ramadaan Prepaparation Download    
April Effect of ilm without zikr Download    
April Web of materialism Download    
April Taking inspiration Download    
May Khidmat of deen Download    
May Breaking barriers Download    
May Protection Plan Download    
July Advices of Luqman Hakim RA Download    
July Humility of Hazrat Umar RA Download    
July Great Qualities of Hazrat Umar RA Download    
July Sanctity of a Muslim Download    
July When the world partakes of the Ummah Download    
July Reaction to every action Download    
July Prescription for peace Download    
July 2 Parts to happiness Download    
July Depression from sin Download    
August Following the Rightly Guided Download    
August Craving for the credit Download    
August Sincerity in service Download    
August Solution for every problem Download    
August Intelligence through taqwa Download    
August 4 Steps to Allaah Ta'alah Download    
August Seclusion of the heart Download    
August Justifying the wrong Download    
August Lessons of Qurbani Download    
August Slavery & Freedom Download    
September Determined intention Download    
September Friend & Foe Download    
September Treating thoughts Download    
September Tried & tested Download    
September The deciding factor Download    
October Ticking of the clock Download    
October Value of time Download    
October Pillars of kufr: 1 Download    
October Pillars of kufr: 2 Download    
October Encompassing advice Download    
October Side effects of sin Download    
October Darkness of oppression Download    
October Effects of baatil Download    
October Importance of companionship Download    
November Destruction from disrespect Download    
November Self detox Download    
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