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Summary  Bayaan

Isipingo Beach

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20-12-2013 Advices for the Holiday period (Port Shepstone). Download    
2014 Good Character (Isipingo Rail) Download    
10-01-2014  Acquiring Love for Nabi (alayhis salaam) Download    
31-01-2014  Belief in the Unseen Download    
21-02-2014 Unity in Islam (Stanger) Download    
07-03-2014  Unity in Islam Download    
21-03-2014 The Basis for Unity Download    
28-03-2014  Unity (Hilal) Download    
11-04-2014 Conviction in the Unseen Download    
18-04-2014  Advices to Muaaz (radhiyallahu anhu) Download    
09-05-2014 Branches of Imaan (D.U.T) Download    
30-05-2014 Object of Life (Greytown) Download    
 13-06-2014 Tafseer of Surah Asr (Hilal) Download    
 29-08-2014 A Virtuous Hajj (Bonella) Download    
 05-09-2014 Essence of Hajj (Junction) Download    
 19-09-2014 Lessons of  Hajj (Albert Street) Download    
 07-11-2014 Exam Preparations (Newcastle) Download