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Summary  Bayaan
 2013  Purpose of attending Madrasah   Download     
 2013  What is Deen    Download    
 2013 Adopt taqwa to gain knowledge     Download    
 2013 Having the correct mindset    Download     
 2013 Moulding the heart    Download     
 2013  Moulding the Heart Part 2   Download     
 2013  The Effect of Company   Download     
 2013 The Responsibility of People of Knowledge    Download     
 2013 The Negativities of Technology    Download     
 2013 Istiqaamat     Download    
 2013 Nikaah    Downlaod     
 2013 Defeating the Temptations of Nafs and Shaytaan    Download     
 2013  Dispelling the darkness from the heart   Download     
 2013  The Importance of Good Company   Download     
 2013 Bequest of Hazrat wala    Download     
 2013  Motivation for the terminally ill   Download     
 2013  Preparation for Ramadhan    Download    
 2013 The 15th of Shabaan   Download     
 2013 The Lesson of Ramadhaan     Download    
 2013 Shukr    Download     
 2013  Harms of Ingratitude    Download    
 2013 Contentment    Download     
 2013 Lessons from the Dua of Travelling   Download     
 2013 Positive Thinking     Download    
 2013 Not Having a Holiday Mindset    Download     
 2013 Zul Hijjah and Lesson of Qurbani    Downlaod     
 2013  Madinah vs New York   Download     
 2013 Expression of Pride Part 1   Download     
 2013 Expression of Pride Part 2    Download     
 2013 Lessons from Aashura     Download    
 2013 Taking an Account of Oneself    Download    
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