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Summary  Bayaan
2014-01-21 Acquiring Knowledge with Sacrifice  Download     
 2014-01-28 Dispelling the Whispers of Shaytaan in Aquiring Knowledge of Deen  Download     
 2014-02-04 Evil of Pride  Download     
 2014-02-07 Don't Lose Hope  Download     
 2014-02-11 Developing Akhlaaq  Download     
 2014-02-15 Purpose of knowledge for mothers  Download     
 2014-02-18 The Qualities of Luqmaan Alaihis Salaam   Download    
 2014-02-21 Stanger  Importance of Good Akhlaaq    Download    
 2014-02-25 True Knowledge   Download    
 2014-03-04 Consciousness of Allah    Download     
 2014-03-11 Importance of Istighfaar and its Effects   Download    
 2014-03-18 True Values   Download    
 2014-03-25 Safeguarding the Tongue  Download     
 2014-04-08 Effects of Company Novels  Download     
 2014-05-13 The 'Pain of giving up Sin   Download    
 2014-12-02 Grandparents program   Download    
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