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  • Before taraweeh = short advice
  • After Taraweeh = Rememberance of death
  • Main program = Talk, Zikr & dua
  • After Fajr = Masnoon duas
  • Mid - morning = 4 actions to acquire the love of Allaah Ta'alah and various advices of Hazath Moulana Hakim Akhtar Saheb (RA)
  • After Asr = Tafsir of Surah Qasas


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20th day  Before i'tikaaf Download
21st Night Before taraweeh Download
21st Night After taraweeh Download
21st Night Main program Download
21st Night Tahajjud program Download
21st Day After Fajr Download
21st Day Mid-morning Download
21st Day After Asr Download
22nd Night Before taraweeh Download
22nd Night After taraweeh Download
22nd Night Main program Download
22nd Day After Fajr Download
22nd Day Mid-morning Download
22nd Day After Asr Download
23rd Night Before Taraweeh Download
23rd Night After taraweeh Download
23rd Night Main program Download
23rd Night Tahajjud program Download
23rd day After Fajr Download
23rd Day Mid - Morning Download
23rd Day After Asr Download
24th Night Before Taraweeh Download
24th Night After taraweeh Download
24th Night Main program Download
24th day After Fajr Download
24th Day Mid-morning Download
24th Day After Asr Download
25th Night Before Taraweeh Download
25th Night After taraweeh Download
25th Night Main program Download
25th Night Tahajjud program Download
25th day After Fajr Download
25th Day Jumuah
25th Day After Asr Download
26th Night Before Taraweeh Download
26th Night After taraweeh Download
26th Night Main program Download
26th day After Fajr Download
26th Day Mid-morning Download
26th Day After Asr Download
27th Night Before Taraweeh Download
27th Night Main program Download
27th Night Thikr majlis Download
27th Night Tahajjud Program Download
27th day After Fajr Download
27th Day Mid-morning Download
27th Day After Thuhr (Sunday) Download
27th Day After Asr Download
28th Night Before Taraweeh Download
28th Night After taraweeh Download
28th Night Main program Download
28th day After Fajr Download
28th Day Mid-morning Download
28th Day After Asr Download
29th Night Before Taraweeh Download
29th Night Taraweeh khatam dua Download
29th Night Main program Download
29th Night Tahajjud program Download
29th day After Fajr Download
29th Day Mid-morning Download
29th Day After Asr: Final advice & dua Download
    Eid Gah Audio pending  
1 Shawaal Eid Gah Bayaan Download
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